Thank you!  Yesterday the "Minnesota bunch" (now mostly living in Oregon) visited  your farm and we had so much fun picking and racing and joking, etc. 

thanks to the lady "in-law" who was in charge.  You made it more fun; showed us the  picker and kept track of our picking progress.  Great hospitality -- we will be back!  Thanks again!


AMAZING BERRIES!"  .Friendly service, big juicy berries, and good prices.  This is a great place to pick as a family!  We have picked here twice.  Nov. 27, 2014

I've said it before, but I’ll say it again. If you have even a bit of spare time to U-pick your own berries, you will not regret it. We paid $1.30 per pound for raspberries at Childers' after I saw someone selling them for $2.50 per half pint ($7-10.00 per pound at the farmer's market) totally worth the effort!  Aside from being far away, Childers'  is pretty pleasant. The fields are scenic, and the canes are well kept. This morning, the rows were loaded with both ripe and unripe berries.  Childers' grows two varieties of raspberries, ‘Meeker’ and ‘Cascade’. They had only recently opened the ‘Cascade’ for U-picking, and those babies were so dang big that it was pretty easy to fill up our buckets.


"Wonderful family farm, We will always cherish the memories. "The family farm has become one of our favorite honeymoon memories. We stopped at the farm 20 minutes before it closed.  The friendly ladies gave us buckets and pointed us in the direction of the field.  The berries were lush and beautiful.  We could have picked thousands of berries.  Upon returning to the barn to weigh our berries, the ladies learned we were on our honeymoon and gifted us the berries and the secret recipe books!  We will always stop at Childers Raspberry farm on our trips to Oregon to enjoy their delicious berries.


Thanks for the awesome berries! Looking forward to the jam. Dennis and Jane






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